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Read through this agreement for online shopping at

When you make a purchase with us, you also accept our terms, and a binding agreement is entered into between GENET COLLECTION and you as a customer. Please note that the terms of purchase may change from time to time, and we therefore encourage you to read through each time you shop.




Company name: RIGAL

Company No: 929 644 506

Mailing address: Fjellvangvegen 19, Trysil. 


Seller is here in after referred to as "", "we", "us", "our" etc.



Buyer is the consumer who makes the order, and is referred to in the following as "you", "you", "your" or "your".



All prices in the online shop include VAT in Norway. The stated price for goods and services at checkout is the total price the buyer must pay. This price includes all taxes and additional costs such as shipping costs, and everything is specified in the checkout before you pay. All offers in the store apply as long as stocks last within the timeframes stated in our marketing.

Discount codes apply to all items with a regular price, but not necessarily to items with a reduced price or in combination with other offers.

Offers and discounts with requirements for the quantity purchased or similar must meet the conditions to apply, also in the event of a return. If an item is returned and thus violates the condition, the remaining items and services will be charged at the regular price.

This also applies to orders that have received free shipping due to the size of the order. If the order no longer qualifies for free shipping after return, the standard shipping cost NOK 100  will be deducted from the return amount.


We do our utmost to ensure you a friction-free buying experience. Nevertheless, from time to time errors may occur in prices, text or stock. In such cases, we reserve the right to cancel/credit the parts of an order that are affected and complete the rest.


Size charts and other recommendations are indicative and will unfortunately not be suitable for everyone. In other words, we do not take responsibility for the wrong choice of size, but we will do our best to help you find the right one.


We take all the photos ourselves, and try to take photos that represent the products we sell as much as possible. In certain cases, the images may still deviate somewhat from the actual appearance of the item. Also remember that all displays and monitors reproduce colors slightly differently.


The agreement is binding for both parties when the buyer has sent his order to the seller.

The agreement is nevertheless not binding if there has been a typing or typing error in the offer from the seller in the ordering solution in the online store or in the buyer's order, and the other party realized or should have realized that there was such an error.



With us, you can choose to pay with four safe and secure payment methods.

  • Card payment:

The purchase amount is reserved on your account immediately and payment takes place on the same day that we send out your package!

  • Vipps:

When you pay with vipps, you will receive a payment request in the vipps app on your phone, which you must approve. The amount is reserved immediately and payment is made on the same day that we send out your package. Single!

  • Klarna Invoice:

You will receive an email with an invoice when the package is sent from us. The invoice has a 14-day payment period.

  • Klarna Account/Part payment:

This is a choice that is made at the time of payment, and the invoice will be sent to the same email address that was used for the order.


Worth noting:

When choosing Klarna as a payment solution, we recommend using the Klarna payment app to have full control over your outstanding invoices. Please note that payment with Klarna is a credit agreement between you as a consumer and Klarna. All questions regarding payment of, or postponement of, an invoice should therefore be directed to Klarna on telephone 21 01 89 91 or on " ".Buyers under the age of 18 cannot use Klarna as a payment solution.

When paying by invoice, your invoice will be issued when the item is dispatched. The payment deadline appears on the invoice and is a minimum of 14 days from receipt.


Absolute deadline

The absolute complaint period in the Purchases Act is 2 years, and runs from when the buyer took over the thing. This deadline means that all complaints lodged within this time must be assessed by us as the seller.


Relative deadline

According to section 27 first paragraph of the Consumer Purchase Act, the consumer has a "relative" deadline for complaints "within a reasonable time" from when the consumer became aware or should have been aware of the breach, but still a minimum of two months from when the defect was actually discovered. The relative deadline runs within the absolute deadline, as stated above.

All claims must be reported in writing to our customer service by email or via contact form, within a reasonable time from when you discovered or should have discovered the defect.


Report a complaint:

Complaints that are not within these deadlines are considered invalid despite the fact that the deficiency would otherwise have given grounds for a complaint if they had been within the deadline. It is therefore important to notify us quickly so that this does not happen.

Error or missing item

If you have received the wrong item, or something is missing from your package, it is important that you notify us within 14 days of receiving the package. We will then give you a fully paid return slip and send you the correct item as soon as we can.

Receipt/Order number:

To process a complaint, we need your order number. This is to make sure that your order has been placed in our store and that it is within the required deadlines. Without finding your order, we also cannot refund or change it.

Accepted complaint:

An approved complaint is normally re-delivered if we have the item in stock. Alternatively, you can choose whether you want the order value refunded in the form of a gift card, or refunded via the payment solution that was used for the purchase.



If the buyer does not pay or fulfill the other obligations according to the agreement or the law, and this is not due to the seller or conditions on the seller's side, the seller may, in accordance with the rules in the Consumer Purchase Act, chapter 9, depending on the circumstances, withhold the goods, demand fulfillment of the agreement, demand the agreement be canceled as well as claim compensation from the buyer. The seller will also be able, depending on the circumstances, to demand interest for late payment, debt collection fees and a reasonable fee for uncollected goods.


The seller can maintain the purchase and demand that the buyer pays the purchase price. If the goods have not been delivered, the seller loses his right if he waits an unreasonably long time to make the claim.


The seller can terminate the agreement if there is a significant payment default or other significant default on the part of the buyer. The seller cannot withdraw if the entire purchase price has been paid. Determines sells a reasonable the buyer's side. The seller cannot withdraw if the entire purchase price has been paid. If the seller sets a reasonable additional deadline for fulfillment and the buyer does not pay within this deadline, the seller can cancel the purchase.

Interest in case of late payment/collection fee:

If the buyer does not pay the purchase price in accordance with the agreement, the seller can claim interest on the purchase price in accordance with the Late Interest Act. In the event of non-payment, the claim may, after prior notice, be sent to the Debt Collection. The buyer can then be held liable for fees according to the Debt Collection Act.

 Fee for uncollected orders:

If you fail to pick up ordered goods so that they are returned, we will charge you a return and handling fee of NOK 200, as well as any accrued interest and fees for invoice purchases. This is deducted from the amount we refund to you.



A warranty given by the seller or manufacturer gives the buyer rights in addition to those the buyer already has under non-derogable legislation. A guarantee thus implies no restrictions on the buyer's right to complaint and claim in the event of delay or defects according to points "Delivery and delays" and "Complaints and defects".



The buyer's personal data will only be disclosed to others if it is necessary for the seller to complete the agreement with the buyer, or in statutory cases.


Complaints must be addressed to the seller within a reasonable time. The parties must try to resolve any disputes amicably. If this is not successful, the buyer can contact the Consumer Council for mediation.


The Consumer Council is available on phone 23 400 500 or